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Through the Valley of Death with Sea Air (electronic/industrial)13

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hey @Muschelrausch, no problem, i love your frozen bubble mix. i'm happy to share it!! and regarding the title, i'm sorry to say, not my own words. out of the Perfect Tan track by MOLG:
"Through the valley of death with sea air
Flowers on your breath and in your hair, in your hair
Somebody's sugardaddy (Hand in hand with a perfect tan)". i was just surprised how i found such a fitting picture for the title. i have to agree, i like those lyrics, that line. they don't make lyrics like that anymore it seems. thank you so much for the listen and like! :)

I like the title of this mix. It's a nice contrast(maybe it`s none..), kind of fresh darkness. Through the Valley of Death with Sea Air... echt cool

hey, now all my girls are here! cat! yes, the plateau was by request :) after your comment, i looked for a good follow-up. and yes, i love me some oldies... i dunno, i love bubble gum music and i love the dark stuff... and the dichotomy is so fitting and beautiful. it seems that after an ass-kicking (pungent stench) it should be followed by something equally jarring, but in a pop-ey, feelgood way... it's like a duality in math, it's a symmetry to me. hope it doesn't sound all silly... i try to do it craftily :)