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To Hell with Valentine's (electronic/rock)13


As the cigarette smoke withered in the wind, I was standing there staring at someone else's dream...

(Thanks to @leiwandesk for the narrations on all three of my Kite Series mixes)

Nine tracks including music by Broadcast, Cylob and Download.

For my anti-Valentines alin and tohellwith.

(Followed by @leiwandesk's mix "The Soundtrack of the Wild West")

9 tracks
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that might have been part of it... actually they did eventually take off but i had a hard time controlling it. and then i was just generally in a bad mood that day. i was being a sour puss :( i can be a little moody sometimes unfortunately

yep, anti-valentine, that was what I meant... ;) btw. could it be that you look a bit bored because of the kite never took off (despite the wind)?

@alin: aw, thank you thank you thank you!! what a great compliment :)
@KatamariCore: yes, that is li'l ol' me maybe early '09 in a park in Jersey City. we were kite flying on a windy day. not the best pic of me, but i thought it fit with the theme somehow :)
@leiwandesk: bullets? i'm your anti-valentine?! awesome!!
@tohellwith: yay!! :)