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Trips and Sticks (rock/electronic)13


Nine tracks including music by Beck, David Byrne, and Gang of Four.

This video goes with track 9; for Tom & Jerry fans. And even if you're not, check it out. It's about 7 minutes and oh-so cute!! Enjoy!:

(Followed by @KatamariCore's mix "Radio Katamari: Artifact No. 100")

9 tracks
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yay! someone who knows the cartoon i'm talking about! hope you checked out the link above... my friend has the tom & jerry boxset and we just chilled and watched a few episodes one saturday... memories...

Btw. I have to appreciate your very clever concept, auntie: each of your Neil Young tagged mixes will be on my to-do-listen-to-list, so'Ill do so soon, shooby doo... YAY!

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hey that's weird, here it doesn't look the way it should but in my email it looked great. not to worry, i already know that you're quite the programmer... a little birdie told me :)
but i'm annoyed i can't view the link b/c i'm at work and my access is denied :( boo... have to wait 10 hours till i get home?! argh... anyhow, until then, thanks so much for noticing my neil young trend,... (i can't believe you noticed that...! :)

that actually sounds annoying, but you can go to it also by clicking on my 8tracks-tumblring link. thought it would be a more comfortable the other way, but I was obviously wrong.... oh yes, and btw. my whole day here is some kind of crabby annoying either in a phlegmatic way: mlah - maybe I should turn to your mix even sooner as trying to find a way out of the way I'm feeling... following your "trend" ;)

i like that... we need a nudge... i've been waiting for the one i started to get published already! let's see if i can contribute to another one in the meanwhile...

Great job, as usual. There's even a song by Jack of Heart! I saw them many times in Toulouse, but never really managed to communicate, since they're always high, drunk or both.

btw, ever since hearing your greek mix (, i can't get it outta my head. i wanna do an international mix with you... maybe greek-bollywood, i dunno... we should talk :)