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Until Then (Rock)13


Eight tracks including music by Pete Drake, Vermin Poets, and XTC.

***Dedications to my music muses: track 3 is for Emmaleeee; track 3 for Ogun; tracks 4, 5 for cat_dentures; track 6 for sckelley.

8 tracks
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The fourth track is set now! I haven't listened to any of the songs in full (just previews) since I want to be surprised when the mix is finished :] Loving how everything sounds so far, though!

So... I started a mix called [WORK IN PROGRESS]... There's no theme, but one rule : each song must be related somehow to the previous one (title, music, lyrics or whatever...) It's a private mix, so you have to log with the Duewets account (, and we can make it public when there's at least 8 tracks. Let's have fun!