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Very Hypnotic... Tell Us What to Do (metal/rock/noise)13

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awesome! glad i could inspire... neubauten is da bomb! :) babes in toyland, that song is off the S.F.W. soundtrack and i only know one other song by them (on my cake mix i think) which i also like, but not sure on their other stuff. i should get an album by them, i'd probably dig it

wow cat, i feel the same way about the last song... i don't always do that but i saved the best for last. that song is a dream... thanks for visiting, i missed you!! stay awhile... :)

Nice mix of tunes here! Been a while since I've listened to an aunt13 mix, and I've got a lot of catching up to do (again!)
but that last song (Spacelab) has got me too hypnotized to even want to move from here. Love that feeling.