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WFMU DemoCD3 "The Bollywood Programme" (w/voice tracks)13


Another demo submitted to WFMU, this time uploaded to 8tracks with voice tracks (eek!). Hope you enjoy it anyway, and if you do, don't be afraid to write 'FMU and tell them you'd like to see a Bollywood show already! Sorry, shameless self-promo... Enjoy the mix and thanks for listening!

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14 tracks
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please look out for my first of a series of 8tracks radiocasts of this, The Bollywood Programme, around July 8, 2012. i'm going to see what kind of feedback i get through here and depending on that see where i wanna go. hope to see everyone there! tell your friends and pls leave a comment and/or a heart when you visit :)

tee hee, i wish!! :P i have a few ideas right now. i'm thinking i gotta be persistent and not give up. there are other avenues, and no one gets what they want on the first try, right? i dunno...

yeah dont give up im sure you will get your chance soon! I have friends from India they say its a nice place to visit. Just you dont go move there then id really never see ya

still cant believe those idiots havent given you a show yet!!! You really deserve it! That or try to find a radio station in Edison and youd be a shoe in!

aw! :) thanks so much for saying that. i do have a plan B i guess. you're awesome though, thx for the support :) i literally laughed out loud when i read your comment, you're too cool