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world's trivialities (rock/indie)13


a mix dedicated to patrick,.. you are missed dearly.

nine tracks, slow and upbeat, including artists such as Luna, Meat Puppets, and The Smashing Pumpkins.

(followed by @tkyd's mix "---.. ----- ... / .- -. -.. / ----. ----- ... / ..-. . -- .- .-.. . / ...- --- -.-. .- .-.. ...")

9 tracks
5 comments on world's trivialities (rock/indie)13

coincidentally, this is the second goodbye mix to patrick I've listened to in a row. good mix, but damn it sucks that it has a reason to exist.... hope you're doing well and happy new year, autnie!

@dj_dim-mak yeah seriously man, it totally sucks :( hope all is well with you and happy new year, dude!! btw which is the other goodbye mix you heard, i'd like to give it a spin

@dj_dim-mak thanks so much for the link! and thanks so much for the compliments btw. checking out the ministry version now so cool! thanks for that, gonna check out the album