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You Make Me (indie/rock)13


"Two loose kites falling from the sky..."

Some "lovey dovey" tunes brought to you by singer-songwriters and indie "shoegazers" (hm, scratch that last part lol) such as Nick Lowe, Screen Vinyl Image, and Hindi Zahra.

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Pink Bullets remains one of my all time favorite songs. My soul weeps for the lamentable decline in James Mercer's lyrical quality over the years.

"Wincing The Night Away" was amazing. I played that album on repeat nonstop for about three years. However, "Port Of Morrow" marked a precipitous drop in quality all around, for me. I believe Mercer had sole control of that one, but he was also involved in the Broken Bells thing at the time. Perhaps, he was trying to do too much. It just seemed to fall apart.

wow, that's pretty interesting. i'm gonna get Wincing the Night Away... i should check out that Broken Bells too, not familiar with that... you're just a fountain of knowledge :)