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who is in your heart now

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Oh my goodness this playlist is so good? So good. So Contagious and Best Friend really got me, and Tongue Tied is a song that I adore but never thought about in consideration to Souji/Yosuke. I love that you put annotations along with each of the songs, too! Maybe I should make that a habit.

I’m not even going to think of the 9th song in relation to Souji leaving Inaba don’t break my heart like this.

OH GEEZ YOU PUT YOUNG BLOOD IN THERE. That’s it, my heart has been obliterated. That’s one of my ultimate SouYo songs aaaaaaah! This playlist is just [clenches fist] so good.

@squiddlesprite ahhhh thank you so so much! i am so glad you like it! and young blood was one of the first picks ha- i'm glad other people associate it with souyo too!!