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Swing Mix #35 [The Swing 'n Swim Mix]


8 tracks that defined the 'Swing ‘n Swim' Lindy Hop Summer Camp for me (either because our teachers used them in the classes or because they were played in performances and parties - including the last track which is not Swing, but it will always remind me of the camp). Daniel, Åsa, Fatima, Sakarias, Frida S., Pontus, Jessica, Rikard, Jenny, Frida B., you are fantastic!

about the camp:
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8 tracks
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It was my second time at Swing'n'Swim and I like this mix. I have to confess, I was responsible for the last song ;) . It was the first time I played my music for an international dance floor. And it was just unbelievable great to see what happend when I ended off the night with this song. Just loved it...

Hello!!!!! HOW cool is this?! Really? That was you?! That song made the evening, I am telling you! Thank you! You created such a great memory for me :))