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for my brother


//I know what I have done.//

A mix for Kristoph Gavin from Ace Attorney.
This is kind of all over the place, I'm afraid the songs don't mesh very well together but w/e
the songs with lyrics have lil annotations for why they're in the playlist, Klavier is also mentioned in this yes but it's mostly Kristoph-centered.

hope you enjoy.

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This is sorta a kin mix btw,,
i'm klavier tho. not kris.

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Some of these songs sound awfully familiar... ha. No, I really liked this mix. I'm appalled that I never thought of Iscariot as a Gavins song. You wouldn't happen to have a Tumblr, would you? I'd love to have it.

@kristophgavin gaahh im sorry! ive listend to your mix and i just lov a lot of the songs from it omg,,, also iscariot just rly spoke to me and im sure you can understand why if you look at the lyrics. sadly i do not have a tumblr but if you have one i'll check out yours !! i have a skype tho if you want to chat or something lmao

@AuroraWhale No, I was really flattered!! Honestly I'm glad somebody heard them and felt as strongly about them as I did lmao . In the interest of not posting that kind of thing Super Publicly my tumblr has my Skype and stuff on it!

@kristophgavin ah omg thank god,, im glad you appreciate it! and yeah ok ill look over there! (also i just realized you run kgavin and i lOVE that blog omg)

@AuroraWhale LMAO yeah that's me!!! Fancy meeting somebody else here right? The info & stuff is all updated rn so if you refresh it or smth it should show ..

@kristophgavin im so,,,starstruck?? i guess?? i just lov that blog so much ur kris is amazing (also ill shoot you a message on skype in a bit lmao)