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Sorry if I'm happy


"I guess time is medicine
My heart is better now
As much as it hurt, I’m happy right now"

A mix of about people who've moved on: from forgiveness to loving.

(Gradually happier songs, wait for it.
Quotes of each song's lyrics related to the topic are on annotations).

  • 시선 둘, 시선 하나 (What If..) by EXO
    Oh you really look happy, you look happy / When I see you, so beautiful that it’s sad / Now I need to keep you inside my drawer forever / But can I take you out sometimes?
  • 빛나는 사람 (Beautiful People) by Daybreak
    It's fine even if it hurts sometimes
  • 괜찮아 괜찮아 by 에릭남
    There were so many days that I loved you / Only after we broke up, I remember the good times / You became a love that has passed/ I won’t cry at thoughts of you again / I think I’m really OK now / I know why so many people were jealous: We were so pretty
  • 행복해서 미안해 by 다비치
    It’s disappearing, it’s erasing, It doesn’t hurt anymore/ I’m happy right now, as much as I’m happy, I’m sorry / Now forget me and meet a good person
  • 바람아 (Feat. 빈지노) by 김예림(Lim Kim)
    Maybe I should just drop everything in the wind, baby / I came like the wind trying to shake you up / Well, when you come to me, when you see me you have to be careful / I don’t want to hurt you
  • NIEL by Niel
    What if it doesn’t work out? / Should I trust my feelings and just grab your hand? Should I?/ After I held your hand, I felt your heartbeat / A cool breeze is blowing over our hands. I like it
  • Play The Siren Green Light by Cedric Ji
    Baby turn on the green light / Hold me so tight it’s all right
  • Moving On (이사) by BTS
    "Let's move now to a higher place". Moving on doesn't mean falling in love again but changing oneself for the better.
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