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Not In Dog Years


*A Holly Fanmix*
When you're bored, it's 'cause you're bored
You're the fuckin' one that made me snore
Now we got the honest ass running for mayor
You're working your way up, but I beat you there
Holly is the only character in TWAU that matters to me.
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  • Bad Karma by Ida Maria
    There's a doll with your name and your gloomy face/And the department up doin' a rush on your case/You better believe in voodoo/babe/I got a long list of your sins/There's a word you may have heard of called payback/And I'm runnin' out of pins
  • Cheap And Cheerful by The Kills
    I'm sick of social graces/Show your sharp tipped teeth/Lose your cool in public/Did the legal meet/'Cause love is just a dialogue/You can't survive on ice-cream/You got the same needs as a dog/It's alright/To be mean
  • Jenny's Web Demo by U and Ur Hand
    In the corner with your boys you bet 'em five bucks/You'd get the girl that just walked in/but she thinks you suck/We didn't get all dressed up just for you to see/So quit spilling your drinks on me yeah
  • Shitlist by L7
    When I get mad/And I get pissed/I grab my pen/And I write out a list/Of all the people/That won't be missed/You've made my shitlist
  • Not In Dog Years by Bratmobile
    What the hell were you crying for?/I hate you more than I did before/You're trying so hard and it makes me hurl/With nothing out of place/not even a curl/Now who fucken bites in your teenage world?/Who's gonna kick your ass? I think it's a girl!
  • City Of Angels (Live @ Download Festival 2004, Scotland) by The Distillers
    Cause they stare and growl/They all stare and growl/I take a scar every time I cry/Cause it ain't my style/no it ain't my style/Going down to the gravel/head to the barrel/Take this life and end this struggle
  • Many Funerals by Eisley
    And now they have no chances/They fill the empty caskets/And leave you with your tears/And/oh/now we take our chances/We all will take more chances/Before our lives end/too
  • My Medicine by The Pretty Reckless
    You hurt where you sleep/And you sleep where you lie/Now you're in deep and/now you're gonna cry/You got a woman to the left/and a boy to the right
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