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ღ☆Teenage Dirtbag☆ღ


"i'm just a teenage dirtbag baby, like you!"
A Chloe/Kate Fanmix
This ship is my heart and soul and will kill me, just you watch.
This also may just be my longest mix ever, so yea.
Art Was made by me in XNALara

14 tracks
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At first i was confused about this playlist because i was surprised someone shipped those two, because they really didnt met yet in game... but damn this has such work and detail, with the name of the one who sing each song, and if they really meet this playlist is really perfect for them?? I am really surprisedl for its increible accuracy, this is amazing. Also i wonder, who do you ship those two?

@Obligatorysong Oh wow, ty for this comment, I'm not use to getting longer comments on my track! I'm going to assume by "Who do you ship those two' you meant why, well first I don't really get the credit for coming up with it, my friend talked about it, and at first I was confused too because they haven't talked, but after thinking about it, it would be really cute, Kate being the anchor to Chloe, keeping her from doing things rashly and without thought, while Chloe would really bring out Kate's sarcastic side, and help her learn to loosen up a little and have fun without having to always overthink things. but idk I just think it'd be a really interesting opposites attract relationship.