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Inhale; Exhale


stressing? trying to study or sleep? well, here is your perfect mix!
you will find that these songs are very calm, relaxing, loving songs.
this mix includes a lot of British artist, such as:
Lewis Watson, Birdy, and Ed Sheeran.
Anyways, enjooooy! (:
P.S.: please place comments! this is my first mix, and I would love commentary! Thanks babe!! Xxx
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lots of love:

15 tracks
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sorry for the late response! Xxxxx I didn't see that you commented until now! sorrry babe! but, I edited the mix so now it have 18 tracks on it! if you check it out tell me what you think!
But, the process to make a mix... hmm, all you really do is search for songs and pull the songs from your computer! It is actually really easy! Also, you have to title your mix, put a picture that kind of describes it, and describe what your mix is in a short little paragraph. Also, you have to put at least 5 tags so people will be able to find your mix!
It's actually pretty easy!!
If you ever make a mix, give me the link so I can listen! I would love to listen to it! Xxxx (: