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Playlist: Hello, Good Mourning


Nineteen tracks including music by Alicia Keys, Alison Krauss & Brad Paisley, and Sarah McLachlan all handpicked to help you deal with grief and sadness. Don't worry, it's not all gloom and dark clouds. They are arranged to compliment Dr. Elizabeth Kubler-Ross' stages of grief. So hopefully by the end of the playlist, you might feel a little better. It's ok to cry and scream...just make sure you open those shades and let the sunshine do its job.

18 tracks
2 comments on Playlist: Hello, Good Mourning

hey I feel like this seemed to formulate the playlist I've been trying to create for myself since my grandpa died this week. Thanks so much its weird cuz i feel like this has been the most helpful thing anyone has been able to do for me!

One of my best friends died this week so trying to listen to some of the mixes here with grief. Appreciate you creating this, thank you.