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Classical Music remixed


Gotta love a bit of classical from time to time, especially if it's remixed!

Soulwax, Lucas Paulini, Mediatrix Music....

  • Barber's Adagio For Strings (Instrumental Mix) by Paul Oakenfold
  • Beethoven (Remixed) by Radium Audio
  • Étude by Preview
  • Mozart by Mozart
  • Chopin Remix Dubstep by Neural Tones
  • Prelude In C Minor (Mediatrix Remix) by Chopin
  • Classical Nightmare by JBone Muzik
  • A Fifth of Beethoven ( Remix ) by Soulwax
  • Classically Tranced (Club Remix) by Michelle Kaye
  • Tinkerbell 2014 (feat. SiiDeTrack & Martin Opaker) by Tinkerbell 2014
  • Remix (live Korg) In The Hall Of The Mountain King by Tripotek
11 tracks
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