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First Try

3 comments on First Try

Love this playlist; the songs are coherent yet unique. This playlist provides the listener with complete serenity and rejuvenation as it is an eclectic combination of both soothing melodies and electric indie beats. Right from the first song, I was hooked- my ears could not look away. The collection of artists in this playlist provides a subtle undertone of serendipity, wanderlust. As an Armenian, this playlist convinced to apply for Canadian citizen, so that I can live along these creative individuals and in hopes of actually meeting Avril14. The title of playlist is symbolic in various domains. It is not just a first try at a playlist, it is a first try at life. Because, aren't we all really on our first try. First try definitely signifies a new beginning, a nu start. Though this is Avril14's first try, we certainly hope it is not her last.