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Beats & Bourbon Ʌ Vol. 3


Life; an act of balance | A brief glimpse of futures unrestrained.

A shining brilliance uncontained | 'till darkness claims its name.

Death’s yonder voidness beckons | A presence no one soul can tame.

A rare jem rolling in wind’s hand | unnamed, ‘till we meet again.


~ 80 minutes of instrumental hip-hop and chilled beats across the spectrum to relax with.

Includes Hot Sugar | Lee Bannon | beatmachinearon


27 tracks
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I'm not musically inclined. None of these tracks would stand out to me on their own. But as a playlist, I can listen and just feel the stress peel away as I imagine a sweet bourbon on ice. I'd definitely have one in hand if not at work. I've listened to almost all of these playlists now. You are masterful!

seriously these beats and bourbon mixes are some of the best playlists I've heard... ever! thank you for curating such amazing works