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D r e a m ≋ E c h o e s


100+ minutes of ambient electronica and dreamy piano tracks to float with.

The answer is dreams. Dreaming on and on. Entering the world of dreams and never coming out. Living in dreams for the rest of time.

≋ Haroki Murakami ≋

Includes Olan MillNils FrahmEndless Melancholy

25 tracks
7 comments on D r e a m ≋ E c h o e s

Just when I was starting to wonder when a new mix was coming out - you deliver. Thanks, friend! Really like False Echoes; great stream of consciousness feel to that track. Now I've got the itch to make a new mix myself...

@kahnman haha can't leave you hanging! I originally wanted to open with False Echoes (it's one of my favs), but it didn't quite match the flow towards piano-centric tracks. Let me know if your itch extends to a collab; I'm always up for it.

@AWakingDream I'm finishing up a special mix for this weekend and then let's mix it up again! I'll start salting some gems away. I always like the rabbit holes we wander down...;^)

@noknow Hits me every time; that dusty piano with drizzling rain. My current favorite track in this one is most likely 'Them' from Nils Frahm's Late Night Tales. Also, this entire album from Jacob David has the piano part down beautifully: Might play with overlaying some rain soundscapes to see how they turn out :)