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dream ≋ currents


2+ hours of ambient, piano, and atmospheric electronica for your dreams to drift with.

May we find true submergence | searching each heart’s pure sound.

As we sink past the surface | drifting close with each song.

May we find that assurance | knowing hope can be found.

As we float on dream currents | ‘till the first light of dawn.

Includes Sabled Sun | Harnes Kretzer | Niklas Aman

29 tracks
7 comments on dream ≋ currents

@AWakingDream I believe it impacts my dreams too, i lucid dream ALOT when i leave this kinda stuff playing in the background. i really like that series as well drifting and dreaming, pretty sure your playlists will be on repeat for quite a while. :)

I literally listen to reverie, murmer & this, EVERY single night now. I kid you not...your playlists are so beautiful! looking forward to more like these! Thank you for sharing them! :)

@HeadyLiz You're so kind! I do the same thing! I have this theory that it's sometimes possible to recreate dreams, and surrounding yourself with the same music you had the first dream in can be helpful to make it there. Just a theory : ) You may like this series of sleep mixtapes as well: