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Dreaming Once Again ⋄ Vol. 3


A meandering dream to enjoy, with a smattering of 27 downtempo / electronic / bass tracks on the chill side of sound.

Download MP3 / FLAC mixtape here:

Vol. 2:

Vol. 1:

The more fondly we imagine something will last forever, the more ephemeral it often proves to be.

- Iain Banks | Excession

Includes Arms and Sleepers | CFCF | Synkro

Cover Artwork via the ever-astounding Beeple:

As requested by @mike.s00000 - cheers!

27 tracks
7 comments on Dreaming Once Again ⋄ Vol. 3

Great edition to my favorite series of yours. As always suburb track selection and mixing. Your mixes have introduced me to so many amazing artist I can't thank you enough. This is already in heavy rotation .

@mike.s00000 So uplifting to hear that - it's a real challenge to span so many genres in one listening session, yet incredibly fun at the same time. Cheers friend!