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Drifting & Dreaming - Vol. 2


Drift away my friends...

51 tracks of ambient electronica, dreamy downtempo, and neo-classical creations for your listening enjoyment.

Download part 1 full mix (Mp3 / FLAC) here:
Part 2 download here:

Listen to Vol.1 here:
Listen to Vol. 3 here:
Listen to Vol. 4 here:
Listen to Vol. 5 here:

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50 tracks
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Beautiful, relaxing and so happy to see Harold Budd included in your playlist. Love "First Light" - Uno by Einaudi is also a favorite of mine. Well done! Love it and Thank you!

Finished mixing the 2nd half! The series is now 100% complete!! haha. Sadly I had to drop about four tracks that I simply wasn't able to work into the flow, but I hope it's not too much of a loss. Really glad you enjoy them...cheers!!

Wow! Amazing. Thank you. The track I am addicted to has chanting and rain in it ... cannot recall the title right now.

That would be Storm of Prayers by Craig Kohland : ) I first heard it when taking an introductory yoga class in college a year or so ago, and the instructor was kind enough to let me borrow the CD. Amazing ambiance!

Ok, I have listened to them all over and over! This one is my favorite so far! Love the delicate audio aesthetic you keep implementing in your mixes! Pure gold!

Okay, so I am finally happy to say that thanks solely to your encouraging words, I have finished mixing part 1 (of 2) for this volume xD Here it is!! Cheers!