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Drifting & Dreaming - Vol. 3


Drift away my friends...

40 tracks of ambient electronica, dreamy downtempo, and neo-classical creations for your listening enjoyment.

Full mix download (320 Kbps & FLAC) here: Part 1 -
Part 2 -

Listen to Vol.1 here:
Listen to Vol. 2 here:
Listen to Vol. 4 here:
Listen to Vol. 5 here:

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39 tracks
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Thanks for the encouragement : ) It's been a good day..quick random question about the downloads: do you think it would realistically be useful if I uploaded them as lossless FLAC files and put the download link next to the mp3 files as well, or is 320 mp3 good enough?

So I uploaded the FLAC files I have for the mixes that were made after my laptop was stolen (the last 6 or so)...I think I have them backed up on an external, but it's currently in storage in a different state...will be uploaded someday : )

Anyways, for now, here's the 2nd part!