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E v a p o r a t e

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Hey! I have been with you since the Drifting and Dreaming series (which btw saved my sanity while I was sick in bed the last two weeks). I just wanted to say THANK YOU for making such thoughtful playlists. I know you are a stranger, but there was a sense of pride when I saw a "staff" beside your user ID. 3 years later, and all I thought was if anyone should be staff at 8 tracks it's definitely the person making mixes like the D&D series. Anyway, just wanted to say your passion for awesome music did not go unnoticed! -IHB

@iheartbeats Hey! First of all, I hope you're feeling better :) I can't imagine being cooped up in bed for two weeks... I've seen your comments over the years and they've always been a bright spot in my days. Thank you for sharing your uplifting notes and taking the time to listen. I remember making it my goal nearly four years ago to someday contribute at 8tracks and help it grow. To me, it's always been an incredible outlet for sharing music creatively and is one of the few last bastions of hope left on the internet. By reaching out with your kind words, you exemplify all that I love about the concept and community. Thank you : )

@AWakingDream I am feeling much better, thank you! And thank you for your reply. I look forward to experiencing more of your carefully crafted mixes. Glad you are happy at 8tracks, they are lucky to have you. Talk soon.