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Electric Breeze


Chillstep travels along the mind's coast...

Includes various chilled sub-dub genres for your listening enjoyment.

Full mix download coming soon.

Salud friends!

23 tracks
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If you ever want to read a mind-opening take on musical functions in societies and human physiology, I recommend a reading we were required to read this past week in my ethnomusicology class called "Why Music Matters" by Thomas Turino. He has some really fascinating viewpoints worth considering. Thanks for lending your ear and encouraging comments friend!

I just tried to find that book on Amazon, to no avail. I did read a quote from the book on your tumblr though, and found that Turino put excellent words to something I've felt intuitively for years. Where can I find the book?

Exactly...I had the same feeling reading it. I made the mistake of thinking the chapter name was the book title; the book is actually Music as Social Life: The Politics of Participation. I found it on google books here: Definitely worth checking out..