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F r a c t a l ♢ M o m e n t s


A pure moment found. Blurred journies discovered.

A new day is born. Memories recovered.

A movement with sound. Deep grief surrendered.

A fractal astounds. Pure dreams remembered.


70 minutes of downtempo, electronica, and ambient tracks close to my heart.

Download MP3/FLAC here:

Many thanks and respect to my friend @kahnman for collaborating on this mix.

Includes Soular Order | The Echelon Effect | Lostodyssey

26 tracks
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Beautiful. I feel inspired to make a mix about snowflake geometry after listening to this. Thank you for sharing :)

@danngo thanks for listening : ) Really tried to treat the transitions with care. If you're ever down for a collab just let me know - cheers!

@ yeah man for sure. I'm all about the transitions. Since the last 50 mixes or so I've been paying careful attention to transitioning and mixing in key.

I would love to collaborate on something, especially since you pretty much got all this mixcloud track slicing goodness down. Let me know what you wanna do. Email me at danbgore at gmail dot com