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Flickering Dreams


23 tracks including downtempo, electronica, drone, and thrillingly experimental soundscapes.

Many thanks to my friend kahnman ( for expanding my thoughts and horizons. This mix is the result of a collaborative effort to combine some of the absolute pioneers of drone and electronica with new creators who recognize and build upon their ingenuity and passion.

Flicker and dream my friends : )

Download full mix (MP3/FLAC) here:

24 tracks
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Is the Shores of the Cosmis Ocean x Flicker/Origamibiro mashup yours? Is there any way I could get that to use in one of my next playlists? It totally fits the mood I'm going for, and I wanted to use the full version rather than just cut it from your mix. Thanks so much!

@HarmonicVibration Oh cool! So glad you like it! I sampled that one from Carl Sagan's Cosmos series - I'll try and dig up the old mix file and see if I can get a post of that. I still need to post the First Fires one as well - it'll happen I promise : ) I've been thinking it might be col to put together a collection of all the random edits and spoken word stuff I have so far, plus a few more I'd like to experiment with.