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19 electronica // dark ambient tracks for your journey through empty worlds.

Gone. Gone utterly and forever. Gone in a way that was new, bereft of the comforts of ignorance, and without appeal. Before, we believed that the soul might be saved. Now our technology, our better understanding of the universe and our vanguard in the beyond, has robbed us of our unreal hopes and replaced them with its own rules and regulations, its own algebra of salvation and continuance.

It has given us a glimpse of heaven, and made more intense the reality of our despair when we know that it exists and that those we love will never be found there.

≲ Iain Banks - Look To Windward ≳

Cover Artwork via the talented Beeple:

Includes Atrium Carceri | Sabled Sun | Night Sequels

19 tracks
6 comments on ≲ Gone ≳

A visual tie-in to "We'll call it the future"? While I don't prescribe to a dystopian future outlook, the soundtrack you have provided is (once again) thought provoking and stimulating. Thanks, friend! Sabled Sun, Bop, Night many faves.

@kahnman Exactly... Really glad you don't prescribe to that future. I hope it remains in distant imaginations and never truly arrives : )

Damn, this quote is terribly disheartening but this playlist gives me still hope that I will hear more about your work ... X L ENT

@Sowat? Bop is so perfect.... It's disheartening, but it's only meant to highlight one area of deeply felt possible future truth. Iain Banks has a wealth of other more hopefuly possible futures : )