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I Stand Here


18 tracks diving deep into an ocean of electronica.

Incudes Bop | Ocoeur | Maps and Diagrams - in collaboration with @kahnman

Download full MP3 / FLAC mix here:

"It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves."

- William Shakespeare

Cover artwork via the incredible Beeple:

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18 tracks
1 comment on I Stand Here

Wow. Your dedication to blend our sonic vision together is so evident in this mix, my friend. From beginning to end the flow is sublime and tranquil. One thing - I do realize this mix is compiled as a continuous track but check the transition from track 17 to 18; it appears to have an excessive gap or cut in the playback. Thanks again for your efforts! Let's flip it next time - send me some tracks and we'll see what I come up with...;^)

@kahnman Thanks for the heads-up! I'll definitely look into it and make sure nothing like that happens for the final continuous mix which I'll be posting in a day or two. :) Would love to send a few tracks your way...keep en eye out for an email within the next week or so.