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Into the sunset


20 companion tracks for chasing the psychedelic brilliance of a beautiful sunset.

It's not often that the first track of a mix is 7+ minutes long, but I promise it makes for a fun, wild ride. :)

Includes Tame Impala ☀️ Avey Tare ☀️ Helado Negro

“Fear is a wolf on a chain, only dangerous when you set it free. Sorrow exhausts itself in the net of forgetting. Anger, for all its fury, can be killed by a smile. Only hope goes on forever, because hope doesn’t belong to us: it belongs to our ancestors, the first of our kind, whose brave love for one another gave us most of the good that we are. And hope, that ancient redeems the heart it feeds. The heartbeat of any conscious now is poised on the same choice that hope gives all of us, between the shadows of the past, and the bright, blank page of any new day.”

– Shantaram | The Mountain Shadow

20 tracks