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⋗ Radiate ⋖


20 minimal electronic tracks full of deliciously inviting synths.

Includes ModeratJan BlomqvistRival Consoles.

“The father hesitated only a moment. He felt the vague pain in his chest. If I run, he thought, what will happen? Is Death important? No. Everything that happens before Death is what counts. And we've done fine tonight. Even Death can't spoil it.”

― Ray Bradbury ⋗ Something Wicked This Way Comes

Cover artwork ⋗

20 tracks
5 comments on ⋗ Radiate ⋖

It's been a very long time, my friend. My photography has been all consuming lately and leaving precious little time for any other creative endeavors. Wonderful to see you're still at the top of your game! Really like the K.T. and Hot Chip tracks and a stellar closer with Weval. Best Regards!

@kahnman My friend! It's been too long...really glad to hear your creative passions are keeping you busy :) Perhaps someday the two could even intersect? I could see some amazing photographs needing their very own mixes to match ;)

I was having kind of a terrible night mood-wise, so I put this on and now I feel totally peaceful. Even got some cleaning done and sprayed perfume in the room. All the tracks have such mellow tones... a good self-care kind of playlist. :)