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The Lost Dream


19 wistful dreamy beats on the mellow side of life.

Includes tracks from beatsmiths such as Apollo Brown, L'Orange, and Jesse Futerman.

Photo via the wonderful NoDayWithoutArt:

“Our dreams are luminous, a cast fire upon the world.

Morning arrives and that's it.
Sunlight darkens the earth.”

― Charles Wright ―

19 tracks
7 comments on The Lost Dream

You did it again, friend. Hooked me on the first track. Diggin' L'Orange, Apollo Brown, Game...oh wait - that's every cut. ;^)
It's raining now and this mix fits the atmosphere perfectly!

"Spilled Together" caught me with that brilliant opening sample....His samples are always so perfect! I can't think of anyone who has truly matched his noir niche; I guess that's the mark of truly great artists, right? When their work has its own unique voice..