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Time & Spaces - Vol. 5


And then they learned that dominant obsessions can prevail against death and they were happy again with the certainty that they would go on loving each other in their shape as apparitions long after other species of future animals would steal from the insects the paradise of misery that the insects were finally stealing from man.

-Gabriel García Márquez

19 tracks
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just found this channel, think this ones a keeper. i got a couple of similar playlists but your ones are getting hella more attention, big up for getting this music the recognition it deserves.

I think people who appreciate this music so much shouldn't just click like! any comment would make us feel like a family ! Souls that love and do music ...

You completely get it : ) It is a kind of family! So glad to help put some new artists on your radar, and thanks for the uplifting words! Cheers!!

ohhh ... !!! Being wooww mann yes im digging in all ur mixes and ur killing me .. all these new artist are dope! and old ones I know that reminisce old days ;) cheers broo !!