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Time & Spaces - Vol. 6


Break every link with air and mist, seal every open vent;
Make throat as tight as miser's fist, keep life within you pent,
Breathe out, breathe in, no more, no more,
For breathing's for the meek;
And when in deathly space we soar, be careful not to speak.
If you with grief or joy are rapt, just signal with a tear;
To soul and heart within you trapped, add speech and atmosphere.
Every man's an island as in lifeless space we roam.
Yes, every man's an island:
island fortress, island home.

21 tracks
8 comments on Time & Spaces - Vol. 6

Starts out perfect with Yosi Horikawa's "Stars".
So glad I started following you.
Soothing mixes that allways gets me in a deep emotional state of mind.. Thank you :)