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Time & Spaces - Vol. 8


It was about a planet where the language kept turning into pure music, because the creatures there were so enchanted by sounds. Words became musical notes. Sentences became melodies.

So leaders in government and commerce, in order to function, had to invent new and much uglier vocabularies and sentence structures all the time, which would resist being transmuted to music.

-Kurt Vonnegut

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Haha thanks!! So glad you enjoy them...this may be the last T&S for awhile. I have one more Drifting & Dreaming, and then I'm going to focus on some actual mixing for the next month or so. Cheers!

oh I forgot the most important thing that I should have replied is to thank you so much for your support to me my friend !!

Thats an awesome thing to know someone that would love to do and work in the music production :) I can find your profile on Facebook from here right? So we contact each other more often .. well these days I'm reading the most important book in life I guess in my point of view .. its The power of now. For Eckhart Tolle. I recommend you to read it while listening to your playlists that you made and I guess you will be astonished :)

I'll definitely check out Eckhart Tolle's book...thanks for the recommendation! Yes feel free to email me anytime at excited to hear some drafts of your work whenever the time is right for you!

yea I'm a quick follower and always using 8tracks hehe. I get something from everything and I do my own style of my tracks :) I'm studying music production and I started working on my first album. Soon there will be a page on Facebook and try to have an artist account here :)

That's so cool! I'm with you...I'd be completely happy to someday study music perception and production all day everyday as my work/occupation/life-goal haha. When you do start posting your work I'll be here to back you up!

Yeah, Kurt Vonnegut is amazing! I'm really into his work right now. Definitely recommend reading The Sirens of Titan and Slaughter-House-Five...incredible : )

woow I just read the quote you put .. that's true 10000 % they build their own system and turned human kind into bodies without a soul just like robots ! But few are free of this .. and are enlightened :)

Same to you! You're so quick to see it posted! I was just about to test it out to see if any of the tracks needed to be trimmed/reordered for good flow. Hope everything is the best with you as well. Cheers!