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Transcendent Beats


38 tracks containing a vast soundscape of beat genres, including Electronica, Future Bass/Beats/Garage, Chillstep, Downtempo, Instrumental Hip-Hop, IDM, & Experimental Sub-Dubs for your listening enjoyment.

Fun Fact: Did you know music genres were created by record companies to increase sales?

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P.S. Greetings from the backpacker life in Thailand : )

38 tracks
7 comments on Transcendent Beats

Perfect soundtrack for planning my next film. Thank you. Enjoy your trip amigo, I wouldn't blame you if you never came back.

Way cool! Are you planning on posting the film anywhere? I'm definitely excited to see how long this travelling lasts, and hopefully when I return I'll be fortunate enough in this market to chisel out a career in the music industry. Cheers friend!

Chisel is an apt word choice. Best of luck! I will most definitely be posting my film (working title "The Best Thing Since Fire") to youtube/vimeo. I just finished 3 days of shooting in Chicago at the Thorium Energy Alliance Conference. I knocked back a few last night with my fellow filmmaker in celebration. Hangover therapy: your D&D#4 mix, a big bowl of pho, and some spring rolls.

I'll definitely keep a lookout for the posting! Haha that's a great hangover-cure combination...I'll have to give that a try, as I have a couple days left in Vietnam before the next destination, also congrats on finishing the shooting!

Haha awesome...I know what you mean...these beats definitely helped get me through a hellish 15+ hour overnight bus to the middle of Laos from Thailand...Sohk dii!