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Wings of freedom

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Don't you think that this ost is just pure perfection and epicness? no? it's just me?

M. Source: ryannosaur on yt


  • Attack On Titan Vogel Im Käfig by SeraphAndrew
  • 02 Jyuu no Tsubasa by
  • Ət'æk 0N Tάɪtn (Vocal MIKA KOBAYASHI) Final Part by OST 01
  • ətˈæk 0N tάɪtn by 澤野弘之
  • Bauklötze (Vocal 小林未郁)─ Light a Nightmare by Heiwajima Kamijo
  • Levi Theme (進撃st-Hrn-Egt20130629巨人) by Attrack on Titan
  • pf20130218巨人) by requiem.mankind (5 進撃vc
  • mankind [耳コピ] by [Attack on Titan] counter・attack
  • The Reluctant Heroes (Vocal: mpi )─ Like a Nightmare by Heiwajima Kamijo
  • Vogel im Kafig (Vocal Cyua) by Ire Elric
10 tracks
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