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ten10 2008 12 13 - The Icelandic Mix

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If you ever make it there, be sure to stop into 12 Tónar. They were incredibly helpful: they asked us what we liked, and then they">sat us down in couches, gave us each an espresso, and handed us a stack of CDs to listen to.

I've heard such good things about Iceland. It's amazing the country is the size of, say, Des Moines, Iowa, yet produces such amazing music. I know Bjork, Sigur Ros and Mum but am pleased to find more great stuff here.

A few people expressed disbelief that we were going to Iceland: the economy had recently collapsed, there's nothing to do, all the shops and restaurants are closed, it's too cold, there's almost no sunlight, what a waste of time.

They were all so wrong; Iceland is an incredible place and we had an amazing time.

Remarkable mixture – I wanted to go to Iceland, but was told it was ‘boring and dull'
After seeing your flickr album I wished I hadn’t taken heed to that advice.