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OMG, Dubstep?! I love that band!!

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sorry about the track title mix ups... i made this mix back when it was all still underground and I tried my best to find out the true names....eventually I did but never updated. My bad!

In your description it should be **Flux Pavilion** Btw, if you want to make a playlist with dubstep you could put Knife Party instead of Pendulum. Its a dubstep group made by two of Pendulum's members. Also, your third song is "Last One Standing (Doctor P Remix)" by Example, not "Hoax." Your fourth song is labeled as the Example song, so i'm afraid your track names are all mixed up. Just trying to help, honestly

I happen to come across most of these tracks from a kind of playlist/demo from a website I 'Stumbled' on...I've been trying to relocate it ever since. It's a never ending search for good dubstep... weeding out the crap is tedious and obnoxious.