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Three tracks including music by Attack on Titan OP, Linked Horizon, and Mbah Kacang [KBSD™].

  • Guren No Yumiya 2013 (Mbah Kacang Funky Shortmix) [KBSD] by Linked Horizon
  • Linked Horizon [ภาษาไทย] (AstroMotion Cover) by Attack on Titan OP
  • Attack on Titan OST. (track8) by DOA
  • The Reluctant Heroes (Vocal: mpi )─ Like a Nightmare by Heiwajima Kamijo
  • Orchestral Medley by 【Attack on Titan OP】Jiyuu He No Shingeki
  • progress by 浜崎あゆみ
  • Worldend dominator by AuraTwilight
  • Lastend conductor by Kerkec
  • Kata Tsubasa no Tori by Umineko no Naku Koro ni Open
  • JUMPER by capsule
  • Starry Sky by capsule
  • Liberated liberater by AuraTwilight
  • Magia by Kalafina
13 tracks