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best anime ops and eds of 2015


I will add more songs as more come out and all that shit.

  • Hito ni Yasashiku by Kuro Ookami
  • Kisetsu Wa Tsugitsugi Shindeiku Nightcore by Amazarashi
  • Bradio (Death Parade Opening FULL) by Flyers
  • Junketsu no Maria op by Philosophy Of Dear World
  • X.U.【Owari no seraph「終わりのセラフ」Opening Full 】 by 173P
  • Hello,world! by Kekkai Sensen OP_-_BUMP OF CHICKEN
  • Dream Solister by Actually Full Hibike! Euphonium OP
  • Punchline Op by Jamahl Savage
  • Punchline Ending パンチライン ED Fulli Honey Honey Honey 蜜蜜蜜 By Ayumi Kurika Maki by Daksh Sharma
  • Nanairo Biyori (Non Non Biyori Op.) [TV Size Cover] by nano.RIPE
10 tracks
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