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just to be quiet. (john/rose fst.)


12 track mix for John/Rose as a present to minorirrelevancies @ tumblr.
The artwork used for the cover doesn't belong to me, but I can't remember the artist right now, so could someone please remind me?
Full track list & download @" rel="external"> .

12 tracks
1 comment on just to be quiet. (john/rose fst.)

Aaaahhhhh I love this mix! The song choices are wonderful! It's nice to see my OTP get some love; JohnRose is so underappreciated...

Thank you so much! <3 I appreciate it. (:
It seems like not many people ship it, which is really sad. This was the first fst tagged JohnRose on here, apparently!

It is really sad. JohnRose is such a fun and interesting pairing; I'm surprised more people aren't into it! Oh well, their loss lol.

And hey, your fst may be the first one, but it's not the only one anymore! I made sure to fix that! If no one else will spread the Grimdork love, we will! XD