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At Swim, Two Boys Fanmix


A mix for the incredible, touchingly beautiful and gutwrenching book that is "At Swim, Two Boys" by Jaime O'Neill.

This mix has been on my mind for ages. And it's one of my favorite books. I hope I did alright by it.

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Love it I just finished the book and I am so glad I did. Never has a book made me shed a tear like At swim two boys.

This is just so perfect! I've already started rereading the book, listening to this mix as I do. Thank you for giving me an excuse to read it again.

Thanks for making this mix which made me anxious to read the story. I finally got the book in London and just completed it. What a beautiful and sad story.

@Ruured You are so welcome! I'm just really, really glad you like it. It is such a beautiful story, and so so sad. Just thinking about it makes my heart break :(