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hi im having a lot of pacific rim feelings bc the new one is coming out soon anyways i remembered that this existed and like 3.5 years later it's????? very very important to me thanks,,,,

So I keep coming back to this playlist, because it's perfect, but I also laugh, because FIRST Robotics had make a modified version of Hall of Fame to be their theme in 2014, and that fact that it was for a robotics competition organization just seems stunningly thematically appropriate.

You're a freaking godsend. As an ace and a Newt cosplayer I must say, I want this to be the soundtrack of my life. Also, your "it's okay to feel alone" note made me very happy, and I greatly appreciate it.

@AshTrees24 (first things first, high-five dude! ace Newt cosplayer here as well. quality combination.) thank you!! it's been so rad to hear people giving this kind of feedback on the mix, really. and i'm really glad it made you happy too. :3

@kileha cool to hear, cool to hear. i love spreading ace/aro headcanons to people. (also YES on the asd spectrum one, i am and always will here for everything about that)