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Dark power.

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lol. i wondered if you intentionally left it(ly) off after i said something. it would still seem off with just the suffiximization. just rubs my pickle wrong for some reason though. but if it tickles yours i reckon it's fine. shoulda just ignored me on account of my name.

Well, how can I ignore the language advice from a native of US ;). I was just wondering if "constant" was truly wrong, or just sounded so. Anyway - thanks, bio has already been changed ^^.

it didn't seem clear. dunno whether it was right or not. i was curious about english being your second language. that's how it seemed, but i didn't want to imply that if it wasn't the case.

K, understood ;). I like learning foreign languages, and my english is still not as good as I want it to be, so I appreciate the correction. The worst thing is the accent, it's much easier to understand text, gotta work on this.

accents are awesome. & your english is better than plenty of people i know who don't even know any other languages.

Really? You must be kiddin me. Well yeah, accents are awesome, for example british accent sounds great, but sometimes makes things incomprehensible. I've never been to any english speaking country, this would probably help me to get on with the accents. Anyway english is still easy to pronounce, polish phonetics must be a fuckin armaggedon for foreigners :D.

& tossing an -ly on the end of the constant in your bio wouldn't be a bad idea. (sorry i'm a nerd, it's like telling someone they've got a booger hanging out. i'd want the same done for me.)

Yup, I knew that this song was cut when I was making this mix, but I was too lazy to bother ;). About the "-ly"... well, I thought that this was the correct version, because "constant" refers to the activity - looking. Constantly would sound nice if I had written "girl who is constantly looking", but "girl whose main activity is constantly looking for good music" sounds wrong for me. Am I still wrong? And don't worry, I am a fearful grammar nazi too ;D.