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4 comments on Warrior Still

@Azirigel That sounds fantastic! I have yet to see a comprehensive lyrical playlist for him, one that makes me say "Yeah, that matches his X." with every song.

@Flyyyyyyy Same here. I've already found a few in my own music library that may fit him. It'd most likely end up being a huge mix of different rock genres, as they tend to have this sense making you wanna go out and fight, a feeling of rage, etc. Which does tend to suit him a bit.

@Azirigel I always imagined his mix to be largely metal or rock, channeling his aggression. But perhaps a couple would be softer, more reflective, to get his noble angle, yeah? But that's just my impression.

Marvellous--it really captures Dinobot's depth. From dramatic, fast-paced battle themes to sweeping orchestras to quiet contemplation, you got it all. One of my favourites, thank you.

@Flyyyyyyy Thank you, that was pretty much exactly what I was going for. I'm glad it turned out to be one of your favorites. If I can I may also do another lyrical version with songs that have lines or themes that could fit his characters as well.