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Eight tracks including music by Noise Smith, Hugo Kant and Soosh.

  • You Got It All Wrong by Simon Theis
  • Den langa berattelsen om stov och vatten by Kim Hiorthøy
  • Who's To Blame (ft. Hugo Kant) by Screenatorium
  • You've Been Flirting Again by Björk
  • Untitled (LostLetters) by Fabrizio Paterlini
  • Broken Heart by Doctor Jeep
  • Take My Hand by Soosh
  • L'Absente by Yann Tiersen
8 tracks
5 comments on ABSENTE

Ohh I used a photo from the same photoshoot in one of my own mixes, hehe: -- I think I considered using that one as well. :)
Anyway this mix is unbelievably good! Totally perfect. So happy to hear Kim Hiorthoy on there and the Hugo Kant is remarkable.