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G'Mornin' Troopers!

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What the fuck happened t their legs is this a veterans' home in Switzerland? It's just wrong! To exploit them for your selfish ends, a really cool mix. After all they did for the empire! What would soulkor think about this blatant disrespect of these soldiers, fathers, mothers , son or daughters of someone else.

Of course we're all thankful for the troopers effort to the Empire in general, and no disrespect should be shown to them, even though they, as clones, legally don't have any relatives.

These particular troopers however belong to a a different species that evolved during the cloning research of Mr. Palpatine, the so-called Sapiens LEGOniens. Finally, discarding one of the weakest joints in the human body, the knee, made them very durable soldiers.

During the rebellion, however, these troopers were often mocked for their body size. Thus they gathered and decided to free themselves from their ruthless command, and defected to a planet in the Orion arm of the galaxy. More precisely they found a planet of beatmakers in the outer rim of the Gould cloud. Here, they developed the fondness of beer, black coffee and crisp hip-hop beats. At least that is what local intelligence could gather, while recording the DJ-set of a particularly chill and relaxed trooper event near a certain non-disclosed mountain lake in Switzerland.

To conclude, Azuliiza is here bringing evidence of how bea(u)tiful trooper life has become in times of peace, and that it certainly is no hindrance to them, that their phenotypic traits don't allow them to have their feet on the ground while enjoying the morning sun to some swell beats.

Cut the crap dude they have no feet! I don't care what ring around your ass your talking about! they are being exploited and are not in peace. They are in pain and heavenly medicated medicated.