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craving for pistachio


For Ronnster and Burrowsh.
Some classics thrown in with some newbies.

Enjoy - I'm using it to revise. (Jfc, I know)

a general mix of internet comedy and innuendos, with some link thrown in for good measure.

  • The Legend Of Zelda Rap (Uncensored Version) by Smosh
  • No Reason Boner by Ninja Sex Party
  • Unicorn Wizard by Ninja Sex Party
  • Tim Wilson (Wub Machine Remix) by booty man
  • Actual Cannibal Shia LaBeouf by Hamiltwan
  • Llamas With Hats Remix by Rivnd3ll
  • NSP by Rhinoceratops Vs. Superpuma
  • Hide Your Kids Hide Your Wives by chase.iseghohi
  • Dixon Cider by Smosh
9 tracks
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